Payment and refund

You are welcome to pay by bank card (VISA, MASTERCARD and American Express). If you decide to pay by bank card, the amount for the tour will be charged in Rubles according to the exchange rate of our Central Bank on the day of payment. Debit/credit cards are accepted.

In order to pay by bank card during the booking, sel ect the payment method: by bank card.

When paying by bank card, the payment is processed on the bank's authorization page, where you need to enter your card details:

  1. card type;
  2. card number;
  3. card expiration date (indicated on the face of the card);
  4. Cardholder's name (in Latin letters, exactly as indicated on the card);
  5. CVC2 / CVV2 code.

In case you decide to cancel your tour, we will be able to reimburse you the amount you paid in Rubles (all transactions in Russia are made in Rubles). Due to exchange rate fluctuations it may differ from the tour cost indicated in US dollars. No transaction fee is taken on our side.

3-D Secure is a protocol designed for additional security of online bank card transactions. If your card is connected to 3D-Secure service, you will be automatically redirected to a "3-D Secure" page serviced by the issuing bank to go through the authentication procedure. For information about the rules and methods of additional identification, check with the bank that issued your card.

The security of Internet payments through the bank's payment gateway is guaranteed by the PCI DSS international security certificate. Transferred information is protected with TLS encryption technology. This information is not available to unauthorized persons.

Tips and tricks on the necessary security measures for making payments using a bank card:

  1. Handle your bank cards with the same care you handle your cash. Don’t leave them unattended in a car, restaurant, store, etc.
  2. Never give your full bank card number over the phone to any person or company.
  3. Keep the emergency phone number of the bank that issued your card at hand, and contact them immediately in case you lose your card.
  4. Enter your card details only when making a purchase. Never provide them for any other reason.

Cancellation of Service

The Consumer's right to terminate the Service Agreement is regulated by Article 32 of the Federal Law "On Protection of Consumer Rights"

  • The Consumer has the right to terminate the Service Agreement at any time by paying the Contractor a part of the price in proportion to the part of the service provided before receiving a notice of termination of the specified contract and reimbursing the Сontractor for the costs incurred by him up to this moment in order to fulfill the contract if they are not included in the specified part of the service price;

  • The Сonsumer, upon detection of deficiencies in the service provided, has the right, at his choice, to demand:

    • free elimination of deficiencies;

    • a corresponding reduction in price;

    • reimbursement of the costs incurred by him to eliminate defects on his own or by third parties.

  • The Сonsumer has the right to make claims related to defects in the service provided, if they are discovered during the warranty period, and in its absence, within a reasonable period, within two years fr om the date of acceptance of the service provided;

  • The Сontractor is responsible for the shortcomings of the service for which the warranty period is not established, if the Сonsumer proves that they arose before it was accepted by him or for reasons that arose before that moment.

Company Information

LLC "TJ Travel"

Address: Saint Petersburg, 9th Liniya, building 34, lit.A, Section 615 

Phone: +7 (812) 629-2125


Bank details

Primary State Registration Number/OGRN 1079847103973

Personal Taxpayer Number/INN 7842372612

Taxation Reason Code/KPP 78101001

Saint Petersburg Directorate of Public Joint-Stock Company “UralSib”

Settlement account: 40702810822000004450

Correspondent account: 30101810800000000706

BIC 04400706

General Director: Churikova T.V.